Quick Answer: What Is The Plural Of Fox?

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

As you have said, we can also use peoples to talk about different groups within a nation or the world.

Similarly, persons is considered to be quite formal and isn’t used often in day to day language..

What do you call a herd of Mooses?

A group of moose is called a herd. The plural form of moose is “moose”. Moose live in northern Europe, Asia, and in North America.

What is the plural of child?

Children is the plural form of the word child and is used to refer to a group of or many youngsters who are below the age of puberty. It is also used to refer to irresponsible or immature individuals. Example: When children leave home, parents can feel somewhat redundant.

What is the plural form of story?

A ‘story’ can be a description of a series of events. They can be true or imagined. The plural form is ‘stories’.

What is the plural of wolf?

noun plural wolves (wʊlvz)

Why do pilots say Fox 3?

“Fox” calls indicate the launch of munitions from an aircraft. It’s a shorthand for Foxtrot which is often used to mean “fire”. “Fox One” indicates the launch of a semi-active radar guided missile like the AIM-7 Sparrow. … “Fox Three” indicates the launch of an active radar guided missile like the AIM-120.

What is the plural of deer?

noun, plural deer, (occasionally) deers.

Do foxes eat cats?

Keeping cats safe: A typical adult cat is almost the same size as a fox and has a well-deserved reputation for self-defense, so foxes are generally not interested in taking such cats on. Kittens and very small (less than five pounds) adult cats, however, could be prey for a fox.

Is beeves a real word?

No bull: The plural of ‘beef’ is ‘beeves.

How do you say Fox in plural form?

FOX The plural is foxes.

What do you call more than one fox?

Foxes are members of the dog family. A female fox is called a “vixen”, a male fox is called a “dog fox” or a “tod” and baby foxes are called “pups”, “kits” or “cubs”. A group of foxes is called a “skulk” or a “leash”.

Is Foxen the plural of Fox?

The plural of ox is oxen, but the plural of fox is foxes. … The form foxen has occasionally been seen as a plural of fox, as in David Booth’s Analytical Dictionary of the English Language [1]. But as a plural, it would have had stiff competition from foxen = vixen “a female fox”.

What is a Meese?

(chiefly humorous) plural of moose.

What’s another word for Fox?

Fox Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for fox?reynardvixentodred fox

What is the plural of knife?

noun plural knives (naɪvz)